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Krugman, Paul R.

International Economics: Theory and Policy/Krugman, Paul R., Obstfeld, M. and Melitz, Marc J. - Boston: Pearson, 2017. - 792 p. ; 27 cm. ISBN: 978-1292214870

Summary: “International Economics: Theory and Policy” is a informative read providing a great introduction to international economics. It covers the key concepts and detailed applications of the two main topic areas of the discipline, international trade and international finance. The book helps the readers to understand international economic laws and policies and the roles of the organizations such as WTO, GATT, and TRIPS. The authors take time to properly define concepts and use intuitive case studies as well as offer differing opinions on contentious topics such as the effects of free trade policies between countries, the risks of different exchange rate regimes, and so on to explain them. With this new Eleventh Edition, Global Edition, the author  team continues to set the standard for International Economics courses.

Dewey Class No.: 337



Kernighan, Brian W.

The C programming language second edition/Kernighan, Brian W. and Ritchie, Dennis M. - New Jersey: Prentice Hall  PTR, 1988. - 272 p. 25 cm. ISBN: 978-0131103627

Summary: The C Programming Language (1978, rev. 1988) is rather totally the most important book ever written about computer science. The centrality and ubiquity of C programming language have a special meaning which has to search far and wide to find a newer computer language that does not importantly incorporate elements from it. Ones of C's inventors, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan produce a slim introduction to C language as defined by the ANSI standard. This new version helps readers keep up with the finalized ANSI standard for C while showing how to take advantage of C's rich set of operators, economy of expression, improved control flow, and data structures. Starting with the basic "Hello World" program, the book has been completely rewritten with additional examples and problem sets to clarify the implementation of difficult language constructs.

Dewey Class No.: 005.133



Dawson, Catherine.

Introduction to research methods a practical guide for anyone undertaking a research project/Dawson, Catherine. - UK: How To Books, 2009. - 166 p. 25 cm. ISBN: 978-1845283674
Summary: “Introduction to research methods a practical guide for anyone undertaking a research project” is practical and realistic guide for anyone who needs to put together research projects quickly and productively. Whether you have to undertake a project as part of your coursework, or as part of your employment, or simply because you are fascinated by something you have observed and want to find out more, this book offers you advice on how to turn your ideas into a workable project. It outlines the research process clearly and effectively that helps readers to think and undertake more confident.

Dewey Class No.: 001.42




Carroll, Brian.

Writing and Editing for Digital Media 3rd edition/ Carroll, Brian. - New York: Routledge, 2017. - 326 p. 23 cm. ISBN: 978-1138636033

Summary: Writing and Editing for Digital Media teaches students how to write effectively for digital spaces―whether writing for an app, crafting a story for a website, blogging, or using social media to expand the conversation. The new and expanded coverage of data visualization, geo-mapping, and social media guides users to develop increasingly interactive and multimodal digital texts. With this accessible guide and accompanying website, students learn not only to create content, but also to voice with style, and argue with ethics.. Lessons and exercises are practical for identifying the a solid foundation of writing through use of various digital media.

Dewey Class No.: 808.002854678




Ricklefs, M. C.

A new History of Southeast Asia/ Ricklefs, M. C., Lockhart, Bruce, Lau, Albert[et. al.]- New York: Palgrave, 2010. - 572 p. 26 cm. ISBN: 978-0230212145

Summary: The book provides a good overview of the political and religious history of the region that spans prehistory to the present. Opening with an account of the ethnic groups and initial cultural and social structures of Southeast Asia, the book moves through the early classical states, the arrival of new global religions and the impact of non-indigenous actors. The history of early modern states and their colonial successors is followed by analysis of World War II across the region. Offering a definitive account of decolonisation and early post-colonial nation-building, the text then moves us to modern-day Southeast Asia, exploring its place in a world recovering from the financial crisis. The distinguished author team provides an authoritative and accessible narrative, drawing upon the latest research and offering detailed guidance on further reading. A memorial contribution to the field, this is an essential text for scholars, students and anyone interested in Southeast Asia.

Dewey Class No.: 959




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