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1. Mme Dang Thi Hoang Yen:yendang

Mme. Yen Dang is currently President and Provost of Tan Tao University, Chair of the Vietnam-US Business Forum, Member of ESCAP Business Advisory Council, Member of ASEAN Business Advisory Council, and Member of World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on South-East Asia.

In 2006, Mme. Dang founded Tan Tao University (TTU), the first non-profit US-style in Vietnam. The academic curriculums are taken the US accreditation as a reference so that students, upon their graduation, are qualified to be admitted to any universities in the world for their post-graduate education.

In the beginning, Mme Yen donated over one thousand books which she collected since she was young. With a wide range of content and categories, namely economics, history, literature, politics, engineering, science and others., the books are not only additional sources of reference for readers, especially leaners, but also precious internal materials for Tan Tao University.

michael2. Michael W. Michalak:

Michael W. Michalak (1946) is the former U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam from 2007 to 2011. He currently serves as Senior Vice President for the US-ASEAN Business Council. He is one the TTU Board of Founding.
He was the U.S. Senior Official to APEC from November 2005 until his appointment as Ambassador to Vietnam. Prior to the APEC responsibility he was Deputy Chief of Mission to the US Embassy in Tokyo. In February 2011 he assumed the position of Senior Advisor to the Private Sector Host Committee for APEC 2011.

Mr. Michalak has worked for the U.S. Department of State for over 30 years. He received a group award for valor for his actions in time of crisis when the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad was burned down.

During his visit to Tan Tao University in 2011, former Ambassador Michalak donated fifty English books in Mathematics, Astronomy, Applied Science and some books on the Culture and People of the U.S. His donated books are enthusiastically welcomed and carefully preserved by the library readers to show their respect to the donnor.

Malcolm Gillis3. Professor Malcolm Gillis:

Dr. Malcolm Gillis (1940-2015) was President of Rice University from 1993 to 2004.  Since 2006, he has devoted much time and effort to serving as President of Founding Board of Tan Tao University (TTU). Thanks to his great experience and reputation, Dr. Gillis and Mme. Dang Thi Hoang Yen have become the founders of Tan Tao University. They have made active and significant contributions to the development of Tan Tao University in the model of non-profit US-style university.

Last August, 2015, Dr. Malcolm Gillis donated to the library of Tan Tao University 646 books various fields, including Finance, Philosophy and Psychology, Religion, Social Studies, Political Science, Economics, Financial Economics, Law, Education, Commerce and Language Studies.

With numerous and rare books given by Dr. Malcolm Gillis, TTU’s students can access and use more valuable and plentiful library resources for their studies and in-depth research. The Board of Trustees of TTU would like to express sincere thanks to Dr. Malcolm Gillis and his secretary, Ms. Margaret R. De Rosa, who has provided a strong support for shipping of 646 books of more than 400 kg from the United States to Vietnam.

Ms.Phuong Anh 14. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Anh:

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Anh is Mme Yen's daughter.  She graduated from Oxford University in the United Kingdom, and she was one of three outstanding students of The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London to be chosen as directors.

In 2002, Ms. Phuong Anh was one of students who achieved the highest scores in Law. In 2003, Phuong Anh won the second prize in literature in the U.K., and she continued to win the second prize in film production contest for student-directors in England  in 2004.

Ms. Phuong Anh donated around 1 thousand  books in Literature, Motion Pictures, Arts, Business, Technology, and other subjects. These books were collected during her childhood, her school years and her recent career time. Her donated books are enthusiastically welcomed and carefully preserved by the library readers to show their respect to the donnor.


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