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To use the Libary, all users need to follow these regulations:

1. Badges of faculty members, teachers, staff, and students are considered the library cards.

2. To access services at the library, readers need to:

  • Register for a library account
  • Gain ''PASS'' result in the training of using the library

3. Readers are expected to show a proper card before accessing and using the library’s information services.

4. When being in the library, the readers are asked to keep silent. Their mobile phones must be set silent or in a vibration mode when entering the library

5. Before entering the research section readers belongings must be put outside. Please be noted that the library is not responsible for keeping your belongings.

6. Smelly food and drinks are not allowed in the library.

7. No books or other materials are allowed to be brought out of the library before conducting the check-out procedure.

8. Swapping, tearing or damaging materials are not allowed. Also, taking notes or writing down on the books are not permitted.

9. Readers right to copy materials differs according to each type of materials as follows:

  • Ebooks: copy/scan no more than one chapter of the book; 2,500 words or 10% of the body of  a prose work.
  • Audio-visual materials: copy no more than 10% or 3 minutes of audio-visual materials, 30 seconds of a song, 5 pictures of an author or 10% or 15 pictures of a collection.

10. Readers are liable for any violations in property rights and copyrights if they copy and disperse the library materials for the business purposes.

11. Users are responsible for compensation and discipline for any damage of books and materials caused by them.



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